Thursday, 12 April 2018

Clothing Swap at Planet Earth Party!

Announcing the Planet Earth Party Clothing Swap! 

It's true: One person's unwanted threads are another person's favourite new fashion statement.  

Earth Day in Sooke is a perfect opportunity to vanquish unused clothing and accessories from your closet and exchange them for items you find fresh and inspiring. 


We're asking people to come down to the Sooke Community Hall on Sunday, April 22 between 8 and 10 am with their unwanted clothes and accessories. Limit 10 items per person. Our focus is on teen and adult clothing only.  

"We are looking for cool, fresh, fun items that still have lots of life left!," says our swap coordinator Lisa Cooper Yakimovich

Each item you give us will be tagged and placed in the appropriate category: women's clothing, men's clothing, shoes, hats, jewellery, belts, etc. 

In return, you'll receive a ticket you can trade in for another item from the same category.

Once Lisa and the volunteer team have things organized, the doors will open officially for shopping between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 pm. 

Once the swap is complete at 1:30 pm, you're free over the next half hour to take back any of your items that other people haven't claimed.

Or you can leave them for us to donate to Sooke's local thrift emporiums and charity drop boxes.

One way or another, it’ll be a fun and creative way to freshen up your own wardrobe while ensuring that perfectly functional clothes are going to homes (and onto backs, legs, wrists and feet) where they'll be appreciated.

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