Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Orca Paint-In work party

There's a lot of preparation going into this Planet Earth Party. On the big day, we're going to have a fun painting project that's particularly good for families -- a chance to paint plywood orca signs and salmon cut-outs attached to sticks. The result will be not only big orca signs to carry in a parade, but lots of "fish sticks" good for parades as well as for decorating planters at home.

However, the kids can't paint orcas and salmon on April 22 if none are ready for painting! So on March 25 a whole crew of people came to the woodworking room at Edward Milne High School, and spent the day doing the preparations. Deb Wood got everyone organized. There was plywood to cut for the big orcas, and cardboard for the smaller fish outlines. All the necessary paint and brushes were put to good use. Whenever people needed to take a break, there was coffee and juice and snacks. It was a wonderful day for volunteering.

When you come to the Planet Earth Party on April 22, keep an eye open for the painting project!

Take time to plan your turn as a volunteer at Planet Earth Party -- call coordinator Marlene Barry at 250-884-9955 to set up your turn. And in the meantime, sign up your team for the Sooke Region Wide Clean Up with Wendy O'Connor at - April 14 is this community clean up with prizes awarded at Planet Earth Party on the 22nd.

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