Monday, 12 March 2018

Celebrating Earth Day in the Sooke Region

Check it out -- have fun on Earth Day this April 22nd during our Planet Earth Party. Of course, you'll have already been right into the Earth Day mood a week earlier, by joining  your neighbourhood's clean up as part of the Sooke Region Wide Clean Up on Saturday April 14th. Maybe your group will win a prize!
Then on Sunday April 22nd, come on down to Sooke Community Hall, that big white building at the corner of Sheilds Rd and Eustace Rd. Take the bus if you want -- the #61 Sooke bus is a great way to get around with no worry about parking. Or ride your bike and park it at the bike racks we'll set up for that day.
There's plenty to do at the Community Hall between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Downstairs is our Repair Cafe, where people can bring things that need fixing, and learn to fix them. Celebrate a successful repair by banging the gong!
Upstairs is the big gathering, with information tables and vendors. If your group would like to have a table to show off what you're doing, click on this link and get the info to book your table now.
Outdoors we'll have food vendors, so plan your lunch around the Planet Earth Party!
We'll also have a fashion show upstairs and talks & demonstrations downstairs. There'll be plenty to notice, learn and discuss.
And then the upstairs hall will be set up for a dance, an all-ages event.
All of these great activities mean there are opportunities to volunteer for an hour or two where you are most interested. Click here to get contact information, to make sure the part of the party you like best will happen.

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