Our Sooke Region Wide Community Clean Up is set to go on Saturday, April 14!

Click here on this link to sign up your team for cleaning in an area you choose.

Local teams are forming in communities across the Sooke region as residents enter into a friendly competition on Saturday, April 14 that will ensure the area is truly spick and span prior to the Sooke Region Earth Day Celebration the following weekend.
To register or learn more, contact Wendy O’Connor by email  or phone (250) 361-6965

Organizers are inviting teams of one or more people to register to clean up sections of where they live — big or small, beach or park, highway or byway, even private garages and backyards, it’s entirely up to the person or people involved. Teams can get busy anytime on April 14 and continue as long as they like.
Registration is free of charge. Bins for garbage, recycling and metal will be provided in each community and teams will be supplied with gloves and bags. (A few grabbers are also available, however it’s easy to create one by hammering a large finishing nail into a pole.)
When complete, participants are asked to take a fun photo of themselves alongside their haul, then submit it with a final registration form. Prizes in a wide variety of categories will be awarded at the Planet Earth Party set for the Sooke Community Hall on Earth Day itself, Sunday, April 22. The day-long celebration will involve an exhibition, Repair Cafe, vendors, family activities, upcycled fashion show, evening dance, zero-waste food trucks and more. It is presented by our parent organization Transition Sooke and Zero Waste Sooke in association with the Sooke Fall Fair Association and Creatively United for the Planet.
Ideally, clean-up crews will be in action across the region on April 14 — Scia’new First Nation, East Sooke, District of Sooke, T’Sou-ke First Nation, Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River, Port Renfrew and the Pacheedaht First Nation included.  Teams are already coming together, and there is no limit to the number of teams that can be involved across the region.
With warm thanks to our Sooke Region Communities Clean-Up sponsors & supporters …   
District of Sooke (foundational funding),

Date: March 9 th , 2018
From: Transition Sooke
Marlene Barry, Coordinator of Sooke Region Earth Day Celebrations
Press Release: For Immediate Release
SUBJECT: Region Wide Clean Up

Frustrated with the amount of garbage along the sides of the highway and your streets? What can be done about the garbage dumped in our woods or washing up on beaches? Transition Sooke is hosting a Sooke Region Earth Day Celebration. As part of that they are looking to coordinate a region wide clean-up on Saturday, April 14 th . The intent is for this to be a friendly competition between communities and prizes will be awarded.

Key to this endeavour is finding coordinators and teams in each community: Beecher Bay, East Sooke, District of Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River, Port Renfrew and Pacheedaht. A rating scale is being developed in order to balance the scales between bigger and smaller communities, as well as areas we know will have more garbage or less.

“I recently picked up and sorted one small bush garbage dumping” says coordinator Marlene Barry. “It contained 26 batteries and a bag of old medicines and creams! It consisted of about 2 gallons of actual garbage, the rest was reusable or recyclable. ”

Barry managed to find ID and contacted the CRD Bylaw Officer who is pursuing the matter. The big challenge is that unless you see someone dumping, or the person admits that it their stuff, it is hard to make a charge stick. “We need to change that somehow.” Barry states.

If you would like to see a major clean up happen in your community, please contact Marlene Barry, Sooke Region Earth Day Coordinator at 250-884- 9955 or email You can also find us on FB at Party-Sooke- Region-Earth- Day-Celebration-153114292063953/ or make comments on our blog or
our web site 

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